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Legal notices

On this website (hereinafter: the “Website”), when we say “we” or “our”, we are referring to the company OFI Holding. “OFI Holding” means “our company” and nothing else. OFI Holding is a holding company established in the form of a société anonyme governed by French law, with authorised capital of 60,000,000 euros and with registered offices at 20-22, rue Vernier 75017, Paris, France. It is entered into the Paris Registry of Trade and Companies (RCC) under number 412 563 058.

In its communications with third parties, OFI Holding uses the brand name “Ofi Invest”.

Website ownership, copyright

Unless otherwise indicated, this Website, as well as its content, is the property of the company.

Further, the company holds copyright to all information provided on this Website, as well as to all related intellectual property rights, including, but not limited to, design, database rights, brands, trademarks, service brands and logos.

The reproduction, representation, dissemination, transmission, copying or modification, by any means whatsoever, of all or part of this Website (particularly images, texts, iconographic images, and documents retrieved from this Website), as well as the software integrated into the Website, are accordingly strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of our company.

However, individual pages of this Website may be downloaded on a hard disk or printed out for personal use, subject to compliance with, and systematic reproduction of, copyright provisions, and well as compliance with, and, more generally, the reproduction of, any mentions of copyrights or intellectual property rights on the pages concerned and as long as no modification of any nature whatsoever is made to the printed or downloaded items.

Retrieval or any other form of copying of the software or information provided on our Website confers no rights to said software or information.


The “Ofi Invest” name and its associated logo are trademarks (legally registered brands). The use by third parties of said trademarks, for any reason whatsoever, is subject to the express and prior consent of our company, as uploading visual components of said trademarks may, under no circumstances, be construed as an authorisation in this sense. If you need to use the trademarks and logos present on the Website to market and promote projects in which our company is involved, please contact

In any case, said trademarks or logos must under no circumstances be used for documents or projects that are defamatory, illegal or illicit or that, in any case, are likely to harm the management company’s reputation or business goodwill. Whenever our company’s trademarks or logos are used, such use must include a statement stipulating that the trademarks or logos, depending on the case, are the property of our company, along the suitable symbol, TM or ®. We reserve the right to impose at any time additional terms and conditions for the downloading and use of these trademarks and logos.

More generally, any unauthorised use of any trademark whatsoever that is present on our Website may be subject to legal action against the party responsible for such use or the party that made such use possible.


This Website is subject to modification, deletion, adaptation or change, in whole or in part, by our company at any time and without prior notice as regards its ergonomics, presentation, general appearance, operating functions or any information contained on it. Both its “Terms of Use” and this “Regulatory information” may therefore be modified from time to time; such changes shall be announced on the Website for your information.

It is nonetheless recommended to view this page on a regular basis.

If you continue to use the Website after such modifications have been made, you shall be considered to have accepted them and will therefore be bound by them.

Use of links

This Website may include links to other websites or Internet sources placed by our company or third parties, including third-party websites. They are placed solely for your convenience.

As our company does not control such websites and/or external sources, it may not be held liable (directly or indirectly) for making them or their content accessible. You alone are therefore responsible for the consequences of using such links, and for the use of data, sources, information or processes, of whatever nature, on websites that you access via the aforementioned links. In any case, we remind you that we have neither developed, nor verified the accuracy of, nor revised, the data that are accessible via any such links. We therefore cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused by delays, faults or omissions that may exist in the services, information or other content provided on the Website, whether real, alleged or punitive. Accordingly, we offer no guarantee of, nor make any statement regarding, nor may be held liable for, any content delivered electronically by a third party, including the accuracy, purpose, quality or timeliness of such electronic content.

It is prohibited to any third party to install a hyperlink to this Website without the prior express consent of our company. If you wish to install a link to the Website, you must first request written authorisation to do so. Please contact

Money laundering

In strict accordance with current regulations, our company contributes to efforts to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In accordance with these regulations, any persons wishing to receive a product or service must submit all information necessary for identifying them prior to making the investment under consideration.


The data on the Website are valid “as is” and as of the dated indicated. We offer no express or implied guarantee of the accuracy, reliability or comprehensiveness of the information provided on this Website and expressly reject any guarantee of any aptitude of the Website for a given use. The data provided are based on information that our company considers reliable. However, we cannot guarantee that such information is accurate, complete, valid or relevant and it must not be regarded as such for any purpose whatsoever.

Despite all preventive and protective measures taken, the Internet is not a secure means of communicating information. In using the Website, you expressly acknowledged that you are entirely aware of the risks incurred by such use and that you undertake such use at your own risks. Our company may not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the interception by third parties of information made available to you on the Website. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that this Website is, or will be, at all times available, accessible, uninterrupted and secure, or that it functions, or will function, steadily and without error, or that it will be free of any virus or other harmful phenomena. Accordingly, neither our company, nor any of its directors, managers or employees may be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from a breakdown or interruption of this Website, or for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, fault, operational or transmission delay, computer virus, breakdown in communications lines, or for any change in, or use of, recordings, even if the circumstances causing such an event may have been within our control or the control of one of our suppliers.

Generally speaking, and barring an express provision on the Website or specific regulatory obligation, neither our company, nor any company affiliated with it, nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives may be held liable (whether by virtue of a contract, a negligent liability, a law or otherwise) for any damage, loss, cost, claim, debt or expense arising from the use of this Website or associated with it. This limitation of liability applies to all damages, losses, costs, claims, debts and expenses of any nature, whether direct or indirect, including (but not limited to) legal expenses or fees; losses of profits, losses of expected savings or income; losses of data, contracts, use of capital or opportunities; losses or damages to goods and/or any wasted expense; or any third-party claim.

Please keep in mind that:

  • past performances are no guarantee of future performances;
  • the value of investments and the income they produce may vary either upward or downward, and there is a possibility that you will not recover the amount you have invested;
  • exchange rates may raise or lower the value of investments.

General provisions

If, for any reason, a portion of the Website’s “Terms of Use” or this “Regulatory Information” were to be found unenforceable, this would have no effect on the validity of the other portions thereof. If our company tolerates a violation of the provisions thus drafted, that shall not be regarded as a renunciation of its rights in the event of a future violation of any provision.

Writing, publication and uploading of the Website and its content

The Website that you are accessing is subject to French law for all its data and provisions.

Accordingly, any request regarding the terms and processes of the design, publication or uploading of said Website, as well as, more generally, any issue directly or indirectly related to any of these actions, must be submitted to

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