Aéma Groupe announces the creation of Ofi Invest, the 5th largest French asset management group

Press release | 19 September 2022
Aéma Groupe: Aésio Mutuelle, Macif, Abeille Assurances, Ofi Invest

A leading mutual insurance group, Aéma Groupe has created Ofi Invest bybringing together the activities of Aviva Investors France, Aviva Investors Real Estate France, Aéma REIM and the Ofi group. With 195 billion assets under management (figures at the end of December 2021), Ofi Invest ranks 5th among (source: IPE ranking at the end of December 2021) French asset management groups.
Backed by strong brands with a history of commitment to responsible finance, Ofi Invest is a leading player in socially responsible investment (SRI) in France.

With Ofi Invest’s creation, Aéma Groupe is turning a new strategic page

2021 marked a real change of dimension for Aéma Groupe. Thanks to Abeille Assurances’ acquisition, Aéma Groupe has become the 5th largest insurer in France.
Integrating Abeille Assurances’ asset management activities has strengthened the mutual insurance group’s position in this market, particularly with the arrival of life insurance liabilities, which has almost tripled the assets under management, representing nearly 10% of French savings.

Thanks to this positioning in a sector undergoing major changes (the development of sustainable finance, a new state of affairs in the interest rate markets, the growing importance of unlisted private assets and diversification, etc.). Aéma Groupe wanted to bring together the various complementary strengths and expertise within a single division dedicated to asset management.

Ofi Invest being launched 18 months after the creation of Aéma Groupe and one year after the acquisition of Abeille Assurances, is a testimony to the Group's ambition to persue the building of a mutualist player. that reconciles economic, social and environmental performance. The wealth and mutual enhancement of the investment solutions offered through this new division respond both to the need of supporting and financing major social and environmental transitions, and of satisfying investors’ and savers’ growing desire to gain meaning and performance in their investments.

Ofi Invest, a multi-expertise model covering every need

With Ofi Invest, Aéma Groupe brings together all the businesses related to asset management (listed and unlisted financial assets, real estate assets) within the same division, with more than 600 employees, organised around a multi-expertise model:

  • Core investment strategies: including liquid markets stock selection and asset allocation as well as investment solutions,. It is primarily built on Ofi Asset Management and Aviva Investors France expertises. This activity is equal to 173 billion euros in total assets under management;
  • alternative et diversifying investment strategies: SWEN CP (private equity, mezzanine debt and infrastructure), ZENCAP AM (private debt), and Syncicap AM (emerging markets), this activity represents 11 billion euros in assets under management;
  • Real estate management: bringing together the teams at Aviva Investors Real Estate France, Ofi Pierre and Aéma REIM, this activity is equal to 11 billion euros in total assets under management.

Some of the entities in this new group are expected to merge in the first half of 2023, subject in particular to the approval of the supervisory and regulatory authorities.
Ofi Invest would then be mainly owned by Aéma Groupe companies (Macif, Abeille Assurances, Aésio mutuelle) with the minority support of historical partners present in the capital of certain companies in the division.
The governance of this new entity would be entrusted to Adrien Couret, currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of OFI Asset Management, and Jean-Pierre Grimaud, currently CEO of the OFI Group.

Driving change for transitions

The project led by Ofi Invest is naturally in line with Aéma Groupe's ambition to take practical, positive and sustainable action on the economy, in favour of a more responsible finance. By offering efficient and virtuous savings products and investment solutions, Ofi Invest strengthens the group's action leverage to drive and support social and environmental change.

Through the creation of Ofi Invest, Aéma Groupe intends to:

  • Create a committed mutual insurance policy with an independent, differentiating and audible voice on environmental, social and governance issues. Ofi Invest will thus assume the role of an active, socially and environmentally responsible investor and shareholder, in line with Aéma Groupe's societal project to contribute to the transformation of the economy in the long term.
  • Accelerate its development, growth and economic performance through the competitiveness of its offer and the quality of its services within asset management, with an assertive innovation approach to benefit of all types of clientele, be they individuals or institutions, in France and internationally.
Adrien Couret, Aéma Groupe’s CEO

With Ofi Invest, we are taking a new step in the construction of Aéma Groupe and continue to achieve synergies that strengthen our positioning and our brands in a very competitive environment. As a committed and independent mutual insurance player, we have stronger and more substantial leverage to exploit through our investment policy in favour of environmental and social transitions.
Adrien Couret, Aéma Groupe’s CEO

Ofi Invest brings together management companies recognised for their expertise and which share the same ambition to act as a player in responsible, efficient and useful finance into a single division within Aéma Groupe. We offer a complete range of management services, both in listed and unlisted assets as well as in real estate management, with excellent service for our investor clients.
Jean-Pierre Grimaud, Ofi Groupe’s CEO

Jean-Pierre Grimaud, Ofi Groupe’s CEO

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About Aéma Groupe
Aéma Groupe is the mutual insurance group born out of the union of Aésio Mutuelle and Macif.
With the acquisition of Abeille Assurances (formerly Aviva France) in october 2021, Aéma Groupe is now the 5th largest insurance company in France. Accompanying and protecting more than 11 million policyholders, the group has more than 18,000 employees, 1,800 elected representatives and a turnover of 11 billion euros in 2021.
The creation of Ofi Invest in September 2022 also makes the group the 5th largest French asset management group.
A reference mutual insurance, multi-business, multi-brand group, Aéma Groupe envisions a fairer and more humane world every day by making foresight a central part of the relationship with its members, policyholders and corporate clients.
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